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“Food-wise, you can’t do better.”
- New York Post
“The original way to
discover culture.”
- The Today Show
“Exhilarating ... The most entertaining.”
- The New York Times
“a delicious way to experience Greenwich Village while in New York City.”
“If your ideal souvenir is a bottle of cold-pressed olive oil rather than a foam Lady Liberty visor, sign up.”
- NY Magazine
“You get fascinating tidbits & a fully belly.”
“There is delicious justification for their popularity.”
- Time Out New York Magazine
“more interesting than museums... You can actually experience it.”
“Beyond the usual sightseeing to experience a destination.”
- USA Today
“probably one of the most fun and delicious things I’ve ever done in New York City.”
- The Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register
“knows the best kept secrets of the local neighborhoods and will lead you on a culinary adventure.”
- Examiner
“It’s a carnivore’s dream.”
“This tour was a highlight of my vacation.”
- Best of Citysearch
“We were super cold, but didn’t care- that’s how good this tour is!!!!”
“The highlight of our 7 day trip to New York.”
“Believe me - even locals should take this tour.”
- Tripadvisor Customer
“We highly recommend taking a New York Food Tour.”
- New York City Attractions
“a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a very full (and happy) stomach for quite some time.”
- Yelp
“everyone had a great time.”
“looking for something fun to do for a few hours....and want to find out more about the food and history...Foods of NY offers a great way to learn about both.”
- Savory Tidbits
“This ‘non-touristy’ experience will take you to the best specialty and ethnic eatery shops all the while seeing the history, architecture and culture of the visited neighborhood.”
- SocialEyes NYC
“they give a ‘non touristy’ experience so participants can feel just like a native!”
- Digital Journal
“a great way to learn about New York.”
- Bethesda Magazine
“Cracking good fun.”
- The Australian
“a delicious food tasting tour, Highly recommended!”
- Vancouver Foodie Tours
“worth every single penny.”
- Earth to Jade