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We've worked with top companies, including LinkedIn, AT&T,
Ernst & Young, and Microsoft to name a few.

Private tours are offered year-round, Monday - Friday.

To inquire further or book a private tour, complete the
private tour request form or contact us directly: / 917-408-9539

The Foods of NY Tours private events team will contact you
within 48 hours to confirm date availability.

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* Private Tour Video *

Take a look at Amy's 30th Birthday Tour Experience

* Tour and Event Details *

Duration: 3 Hours
Typical Group Size: 1-48 People (Divided into groups of 16 people)
Ideal group size is 16 people. Private tours are priced as if you are buying out the whole tour (of 16)
Tour Times: For groups that require more than 1 guide, please note that each tour will be scheduled 30 minutes apart. This helps all tours run smoothly and seamlessly and ensures that you have the best experience possible. For example, a group of 32 people would require 2 guides, and tour as 2 separate groups of 16 people each. Group A would start their tour at 1pm, and Group B would start at 1:30pm.
Price: Price is determined by how many Tour Guides are needed. See PRICING, below.
Days Offered: Private tours are offered year-round, Mon-Fri.
Neighborhoods: Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Tour
Availability: Mon-Fri
Size: 1-48 people

Chelsea Market / Meatpacking District Food and Culture Tour
Availability: Mon-Fri
Size: 1-48 people

Heart of the Village Food and Culture Tour
Availability: Mon-Fri
Size: 1-48 people

Gourmet Chinatown Food and Culture Tour
Availability: Mon-Fri
Size: 1-48 people
Classes and Events: Raffaele Cooking Class and Dinner
Availability: Tuesdays / 3pm-4pm
Size: 5-16 people

* Private Tour and Event Pricing *

Private tours are sold on a flat-fee basis and include an 18% gratuity fee for the tour guide.

Tour Name Pricing Breadkdown
Original Greenwich Village Tour 1-16 People (One Guide)
$832.00 + 18% Gratuity = $981.76

17-32 People (Two Guides)
$1664.00 + 18% Gratuity = $1963.52

33-48 People (Three Guides)
$2496.00 + 18% Gratuity = $2945.28
Chelsea Market / Meatpacking District Tour
Heart of the Village Tour
Gourmet Chinatown Tour 1-16 People (One Guide)
$1040.00 + 18% Gratuity = $1227.20
Raffaele Cooking Class & Dinner $150/Person (Wine & Beverages Included)
Minimum 8 people per event (or $1,200 spend)

Upon Booking: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a specific date and time per tour.
3 Weeks before Tour Date: Remaining balance is due 3 weeks prior to tour date.
Request a Private Tour

Private tours purchased within 15 days of the event require full payment immediately.
No refunds are given for no-shows.
A $35 service fee is charged for returned checks.