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  • CONGRATULATIONS! The winner is:

    The Original Greenwich Village

    • 7 days
    • 3hrs
    • Italian
    • $54 / per

    You would most enjoy… the West Village with Our favorite Mom & Pop food establishments in the old italian neighborhood.

    Tour the charming tree-lined streets of the historic West Village. Visit classic “mom and pop” specialty food shops and neighborhood restaurants – some in business for over 50 years! Discover the history, culture, and entertainment offerings that makes Greenwich Village so unique and so different from the rest of New York City. Taste thin crust pizza from Joe’s, a fresh filled canolli from Rocco’s, a delicious meatball with sauce from Pesce Pasta, 3 types of cheeses from Murray’s and more. Mostly importantly, discover the secrets to having the ultimate food and cultural experience off the beaten path!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! The winner is:

    Chelsea Market &
    The Highline

    • 7 days
    • 3hrs
    • Food Hall
    • $54 / per

    You would most enjoy… NYC’s popular indoor Food Market & visit to the famous Highline – a park in the sky.

    Become a Chelsea Market INSIDER and experience the sights, aromas & flavors of this 120-year-old historic landmark building – The birthplace of the OREO COOKIE! Discover the history of Chelsea Market, visit our favorite eateries, view original artwork and obscure granite sculptures, stroll the Highline, visit the Gansevoort Market, and take walk through a section of the Meatpacking District. Have a feast in this Ultimate Food Paradise.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! The winner is:

    Heart & Soul of Greenwich Village

    • Wed-Mon
    • 3hrs
    • Melting Pot
    • $54 / per

    You would most enjoy… this culinary journey to NYC’s food-focused neighborhood & visit iconic Washington Sq. Park

    Discover the “Heart and Soul” of Greenwich Village and find out why it’s one of the most popular neighborhoods for delicious food, history, culture and nightlife. Taste hand-made pasta with Chef Pietro’s classic bolognese sauce at his family owned trattoria (since 1918). Visit a retail coffee shop from 1907 that is operated by the original family. Discover at a restaurant that was voted ONE OF THE BEST BARS IN AMERICA, taste Brazilian chocolates, pizza from a favorite Greenwich Village eatery and more in NYC’s most food-centric neighborhood.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! The winner is:

    Flavors of Chinatown

    • Fri & Sat
    • 3hrs
    • Asian
    • $65 / per

    You would most enjoy… Upscale Asian eats featuring the best Dim Sum and Peking Duck.

    Chinatown can be intimidating, even for a native New Yorker! With so many choices, where do you start? That’s where we come in! Enjoy abundant sit-down tastings of Dim Sum (5 different types of dumplings), Peking Duck (prepared as if you were in Beijing), and more at three exquisite Asian restaurants, plus visit a classic Chinese bakery. Join us for a memorable journey that will leave you with a deep understanding of the delicious flavors and history, as well as the confidence to navigate Chinatown’s food scene on your next visit to NYC! Have a feast in America’s largest Chinatown.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! The winner is:

    Nolita &
    Little Italy’s Secrets

    • 7 days
    • 3hrs
    • Artisanal
    • $58 / per

    You would most enjoy… Godfather, graffiti & good eats in this hip neighborhood filled with Little Italy’s secrets.

    Tour the cozy corners of New York City’s Nolita (North of Little Italy) where old-world charm meets a youthful downtown vibe. Taste mouthwatering eats such as Roman style pizza, Brooklyn blackout cake and authentic Mexican street food. Walk the same streets as John Gotti and Martin Scorsese while visiting sites made famous by The Godfather. Watch as we reveal restaurants with uniquely designed spaces that feature a variety of flavors to highlight the best of what this neighborhood has become: A Dining Destination!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! The winner is:

    The Best of Brooklyn

    • 7 days
    • 4.5hrs
    • Global
    • $125 / per

    You would most enjoy… An exclusive history and gastronomy lesson complete with Brooklyn Bridge views.

    Follow the trail of NYC’s immigrant groups from their beginnings on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and then cross over the Williamsburg Bridge to see where they’ve settled. Visit the Polish section of Greenpoint and feast on kielbasa sausage and pierogies. Watch our Pizzaiolo prepare a delicious brick-oven pizza and taste chocolates at the famous Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop. Let us take you on a half-day food, history, and cultural bust tour through 4 unforgettable Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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