For this Take 2 we had the opportunity to take two of our great tour guides, Sephrah and Raheem, behind the scenes of Faicco’s Pork shop to help the staff make their famous fresh mozzarella and pork sausage.  If you have taken our Original Greenwich Village food tour, you have probably tasted their amazing Rice Balls, or “arancini” which means “little orange” in Italian, as well as their house cured homemade Soppressata.  But that is only a small sample of ALL that they offer.

They also have extra large “carnivorous” fresh made hero’s which could feed an army, or one of Tony Soprano’s crew members.  Try some neighborhood favorites like an Itallian with proscuitto, capicola, sopresatta, fresh mozz, lettuce, tomato, onion and oil.  Or try a chicken cutlet with broccoli rage and fresh mozzarella.  If you have ever been there during lunch time and have seen all of the police cars and firetrucks parked outside, you know it’s a great spot!

So follow us back into the kitchen of Faicco’s, or as we like to call it…the “Willy Wonka” of sausage!

Part 1, Making Fresh Mozzarella:

The First step to making fresh mozzarella is learning how to say it.  We found a few, “Mozzarealla” “Mozz