Why Choose Foods of New York Tours?
We're NYC's most experienced, highest-rated food tour. Period.


#1: 17+ Years in Business (We've got the experience)
We've been giving food tasting and cultural walking tours since 1999. We're experts at showing you a mouthwatering snapshot of NYC's most delicious neighborhoods. Nobody does it like us. And nobody has a more experienced or more expertly trained staff. We take food touring very seriously. This is not our side job. It's our full time gig. And we live and breathe it.

#2: We are rated #1 NYC Food Tour on Tripadvisor (We've got the proof)
We have over 2,900 reviews on Trip Advisor, and over 190 reviews on Yelp. 99% of them are reviews our mothers would be proud of. Other people love us too. NYC's top press and nationwide publications have taken notice:

New York Post Logo Food-wise, you can't do better
- New York Post
Time Out New York Logo There is delicious justification for their popularity
- Time Out New York Magazine
New York Times Logo The most entertaining...And, of course, there's food: samplings include pizza, cannoli, rice balls, fresh-from-the-oven chocolate-chip cookies and fine cheese.
- The New York Times
msnbc Logo It's a carnivore's dream
today Logo The original way to discover culture
- The Today Show
tripadvisor Logo We were super cold, but didn't care- that's how good this tour is!!!!
- Tripadvisor Customer, Jan 2012

#3: It's All in the Details (We've got a 99% approval rating)
We're perfectionists. Over 220,000 people have taken our tours since 1999, and our documented success rate is 99%. Why? We concentrate on details, organization, and accuracy. We start on time. We monitor the phones 7 days a week. And most importantly, won't show you anything unless we know about, believe in it, and love it!

#4 Our Tour Guides Rock (We've got the dream team)
We KNOW that great food and interesting architecture don't amount to much without an AMAZING tour guide. Our 15 tour guides are licensed by the City of New York and love what they do! They're charming, knowledgeable, and trained to provide you with the best service during your 3-hour tour.

Our guides are like family. On a monthly basis, we dine together to taste and test the latest neighborhood shops and restaurants, so we can show you the best 3-hours in NYC. Our guides will get to know you and your needs. By the end, you'll feel like family too.

Proof from one of our reviewers: Just Do It - Trust Me!
Thursday, August 15, 2013

Domestic Tourist(s)
The Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Tour is the best Big Apple experience available! I have done the tour twice and it is fabulously entertaining, educational, entertaining - and tasty! In both cases the tour guides were wonderful, literate, and even funny; they make every stop along the way completely satisfying. The tour guides also seem to have excellent relationships with the local business owners who were all very enthusiastic about greeting us and discussing their wares, menus, history, etc. Just do it! It may turn out to be the most memorable and tasty three hours you will spend in the city. Highly recommended.

#5 A Perfect Blend of Food and Culture (We've got the balance)
We're different from any food tour you've ever taken. Why? Our tours are a perfect blend of the following:

  • Food: (of course!) And lots of it. And it's all included in the ticket price.
  • Architectural tidbits and fun NYC facts: The kind you can really understand and even share at a party. We'll answer those BURNING questions like, 'Why are the streets in Greenwich Village curvy?' and 'Why is Hudson Street two blocks from the Hudson River?' or 'Where does the word Manhattan come from?' Stuff you've ALWAYS wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.
  • Neighborhood entertainment offerings: See a show OFF Broadway. Or better yet, we'll recommend some OFF OFF Broadway! Now that's getting crazy. But rest assured, we know where to find the good ones.
  • Historical context: We know it's easy to forget everything you learned in American History class. We'll share the cliff notes version so you can understand NYC quickly, and more intimately.
  • Pop culture references & movie location sites: Because you know you want to see the Friends apartment and find out where The Godfather's Baptism Scene was filmed. You might even see a star or two! It's been known to happen.
  • If you're into this stuff and more, come see us!

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