The slice that
started it all

Before the word “Foodie” existed.

Way back in 1977, at the age of 15, Todd and a few friends began exploring the diverse food and cultural landscape of New York City. Why did four 15 year old kids from Cranford, NJ want to visit New York City on their own? Because they were bored… and Todd was hungry!

They scraped together $5.00 each, which was enough for a round-trip bus ticket with a little money left over for some cheap and delicious eats. In 1977, 50 cents bought you a perfect slice of NY style thin crust pizza. And that’s where their journey started.


When they arrived they were overwhelmed with people, noise, and the traffic of 42nd Street.

Now remember, the 42nd Street of 1977 wasn’t like it is today. In the eyes of a 15 year old, it was like hitting the jackpot. Suddenly, 4 kids from NJ were surrounded by prostitutes, pimps, XXX movies, peep shows, drug dealers, crazy people screaming, homeless people begging and filth. Todd and his travel companions were hooked on the high energy and unique sights.

A few weeks before their 2nd trip into the city, their teacher mentioned the film, ‘Next Stop Greenwich Village’. So this time, they walked down 5th Avenue all the way until they ran into a big white marble arch. They had arrived in the infamous Greenwich Village. They stumbled upon MacDougal Street, an ethnic food paradise. There were at least 25 tiny eateries specializing in street food from around the world. Each storefront was like a trip to a different country! This trip went well beyond pizza.