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What is your refund policy?2021-09-15T13:23:00-05:00

If you purchased tickets and at some point decide that you are not ready to visit NYC and tour with us, we will happily give you a full refund. If you decide to cancel your trip to NYC please inform us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]. We will respond to your email within 2-3 hours.

First and foremost, we’re human too! We understand that mistakes, illnesses and emergencies happen and those things can all get in the way of attending and arriving on time for a food tour. And our response is always… human, and fair. So please always email us at [email protected] to discuss situations as early as you become aware of them.

At the same time, we do encourage you to be thoughtful about requesting a last minute change and to save that privilege only for unique situations (listed below) since your spots on the tour are being held for you (it’s always very difficult for us to resell your tickets with limited time). Additionally, as part of our company philosophy, we always aim to keep a good balance between pleasing you (our customer) and being fair to our hard working tour guides who also have babies and doggies to feed and whose salary depends on advance ticket purchases. We’re sure you understand the balance we try to maintain in keeping everyone super satisfied. Please see details below.

Refund Policy:
Under normal circumstances your Food Tour tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.
If you have a medical, family emergency, or your travel plans changed due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]. We can make exceptions and convert your tickets into a gift certificate or give you a full refund if you will not be returning to NYC in the near future.

Reschedule Policy:
Your Food Tour Tickets CAN BE RESCHEDULED within reason.
Please contact us 72+ hours before your scheduled tour if you need to reschedule your tickets.
If you have a medical, family emergency, or your travel plans changed due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]. We can reschedule you to another date or convert your tickets into a gift certificate that never expires.
*Please be thoughtful about rescheduling at the last minute, your spots on the tour are being held for you. It is very difficult for us to resell your tickets with limited time.

Inclement Weather Policy:
All of our Food Tours TAKE PLACE RAIN OR SHINE.
In the rare situation where we are forced to cancel the event due to inclement/unsafe weather based on recommendations from the Mayor of NYC, ticket-holders can reschedule to another day (subject to availability), receive a gift certificate (that never expires) or can receive a full refund. Please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] if you anticipate inclement weather.

How do I buy tickets?2021-01-04T09:25:13-05:00

You can purchase tickets online or call Fare Harbor at 332 236-9635.

Is advance purchase required?2017-04-08T17:40:35-05:00

Tickets must be purchased in advance. We have been giving tours since 1999 and often sell out quickly (especially on the weekends). Saturdays are the busiest day of the week! You don’t want to get caught at the last minute so check out our tour schedule and availability.

Is there a waitlist?2021-01-04T09:27:48-05:00

We do not officially provide a waiting list. If a date is sold out, there is always a chance that we will add an additional tour. Please email us at [email protected] and let us know what date you are interested in.

Are there child tickets?2020-12-07T17:58:37-05:00

There are two types of tickets available for our Original Greenwich Village, Chelsea Market/Highline, Heart & Soul of Greenwich Village Tours and Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Tours:

Standard Ticket:
Ages 13 and up – $58.00

Child Ticket:
Ages 12 and under – $35.00

There is one ticket class for the Flavors of Chinatown Food Tour:
All ages – $69.00

There is one ticket class for the Best of Brooklyn Food Tour:
All ages – $139.00

There is one ticket class for the Food and Farm Tour:
All ages – $139.00

Are tour guide gratuities included in the price?2017-04-08T17:38:33-05:00

Foods of New York does not include gratuities in the cost of our tours. A standard gratuity for a tour guide in New York City is 18% to 20% of the tour price. If you had a great time gratuities are accepted by our tour guides.

Are gift certificates available?2021-01-04T09:28:54-05:00

We are now selling GIFT CERTIFICATES HERE. You will be able to redeem our gift certificates as soon as we resume touring. Our current plan is to reopen July 1st  2021. Our gift certificates never expire!

Can I book a private group tour?2017-04-08T17:45:38-05:00

Yes, private tours are available for groups of up to 48 people. To inquire about a private tour, please fill out the form on our private tours page. A Foods of New York Tours representative will contact you within 24 hours to inform you if the date and time requested is available.

What are the requirements for a private tour?2017-04-04T20:21:47-05:00

There is a standard cost to book a private tour. We can accommodate from 1-48 people. Each tour guide can take up to 16 people. If you book well in advance there is a good chance that we can accommodate your needs. See the “Private Tour” page for further information.


What tours do you offer?2017-09-29T16:40:16-05:00

We offer the following tours:

Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour
7 days a week / $54 per person

Chelsea Market & The Highline Food and Culture Walking Tour
7 days a week / $54 per person

Heart & Soul of Greenwich Village Tour Food and Culture Walking Tour
Thur-Mon / $52 per person

Gourmet Chinatown Food and Culture Walking Tour
Thu-Sat / $65 per person

Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Food and Culture Walking Tour
7 days a week / $54 per person

Brooklyn Food and Culture Bus Tour
7 days a week / $125 per person

Which tour should I take?2017-09-29T16:40:52-05:00

All of them, eventually! But if you are trying to get a flavor for each neighborhood, this might help.
Also, there are longer descriptions on each tour page. Click the links below:

Original Greenwich Village: A food tasting journey through the West Village.

The Greenwich village tour winds through a very quaint, picturesque, charming neighborhood in an old Italian section of NYC with some great mom & pop shops. Most food tastings are Italian. And this tour is all about specialty shops – a bread shop, a cheese store, a pork store and an olive oil shop. This is the tour that started Foods of NY Tours.

Chelsea Market & The Highline: A food adventure in two hip industrial areas.

This tour is mostly indoors (2/3 indoors) though the Chelsea Market which is an old industrial building in NYC – a great tour for a cold winter day or hot summer afternoon. The market is filled with food shops and many bakeries where you can see some behind the scenes action. We also visit the highline which is NYC’s newest outdoor elevation park and dip into the trendy meatpacking district.

Heart & Soul of Greenwich Village: Enjoy the Culinary Melting Pot of the Village along with it’s counter culture, and sights.

The Heart & Soul of Greenwich Village food and culture tour introduces you to our favorite neighborhood spots. The tour travels through a cool neighborhood known for the music scene and visits the historic Washington Square Park.

Gourmet Chinatown: Discover Chinatown from Dumplings to Peking Duck.

Tackle a neighborhood that is hard to navigate through – even for New Yorkers. We’ll help you finally discover where to eat in NYC’s large Chinese neighborhood. There is a lot of food on this tour and several indoor sit down tastings – which justifies the higher ticket price on this one.

Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets: Enjoy cobblestone streets and downtown eats.

Visit the old little Italy and taste from some Italian (as well as American, Mexican and British) restaurants. Learn mafia history. This area is quaint while still being very funky, downtown and cool. Learn some pop culture, see The Godfather and Scorsese film locations. Learn about Graffiti culture and see some interesting examples.

Brooklyn: An exclusive history and gastronomy lesson complete with Brooklyn Bridge views

Follow the trail of NYC’s immigrant groups from their beginnings on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and then cross over the Williamsburg Bridge to see where they’ve settled. Visit the Polish section of Greenpoint and feast on kielbasa sausage and pierogies. Watch our Pizzaiolo prepare a delicious brick-oven pizza and taste chocolates at the famous Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop.

Who gives the tours?2017-04-08T17:20:50-05:00

Our tour guides are well trained and well fed! We employ a team of culinary enthusiasts, cultural experts, and comedians who are extremely proud to share their knowledge and discoveries with you. Our tour guides work exclusively for Foods of New York Tours and many have been working with us for over 10 years. We consider ourselves one big happy and hungry family. On a monthly basis we dine together at the establishments on our tours, thus living and breathing (and eating) our work and ultimately, supporting the quaint little Mom & Pop food shops and the unique restaurants that make NYC so special.


Are the tours appropriate for children?2018-09-21T11:45:30-05:00

Our food tasting and cultural walking tours have been developed especially for food and history lovers. We find that some children have a blast on our tours and if you think yours will, please bring them along – our tours are great for young history and food lovers, too, as well as future chefs!

But, in our vast touring experience, we have found that many of those under the age of 17 might have a harder time enjoying themselves on a tour. They may be indifferent, fidgety, or not appreciate an extended group activity and unfortunately, their displeasure could