Coming back to explore New York’s restaurants and neighborhoods should be fun, exciting, and absolutely worry free. The health of our guides, partners, and our guests is of the utmost importance, so let’s be sure you know how we’re keeping you safe on your tour. This post will be updated as guidelines change, so feel free to check in a few days before your tour for the latest.

When we all follow the guidelines together, everyone in your group can fully enjoy the tasty adventure you’re about to embark on.


No matter what day or neighborhood you’re touring in, you can rest assured your guide is fully vaccinated. While we do not require our guests to have their vaccines, we strongly encourage everyone everywhere to get the jab! It’s the best way to end the pandemic.

COVID Symptoms

Keeping everyone safe means being a little extra cautious if you aren’t feeling well. If you’re experiencing and cold or flu like symptoms, please call us at +1 (332) 236-9635 as soon as possible. While it would be sad to miss you, we know you’ll understand our need to help keep everyone along the tour safe.


We’re following the CDC guidelines which require masks on anyone who is not fully vaccinated. As our groups are small and most of our time is spent outside, anyone fully vaccinated can take a mask break in the fresh air. Everyone on a Foods of NY Tour will need to have a mask with them as we do go inside many tasting locations.

Your guides will help you with any specific requirements along your tour route.

Tour Sizes

Each tour will be operating with a reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. You’ll still be meeting great new foodies, just like you, and enjoying the same great Foods of NY experience we’ve been sharing for more than 20 years.

Now go tasting!

You’ve probably been doing all of the above for the last year anyway, so you’re likely already prepared. Now go meet you guide, start exploring, and find your new favorite NYC fare.