Why take a food tour with us? That’s a really good question! For starters, Foods of New York Tours has been giving food tours since 1999 and we are the ones that put food tours on the map! Knowing that people love to eat and explore, we thought it would be a great idea to serve them delicious food while learning about NYC’s best and most charming neighborhoods! The owner of Foods of New York Tours (Todd Lefkovic) began his research over 25 years and is still very involved and hands on with each and every tour. Todd and the staff at Foods of New York Tours work very hard – every day – to make sure our tours are the best that they can possibly be. Foods of New York Tours is a medium sized tour business that concentrates on details, organization, and accuracy. We will not show you anything unless we know about, believe in it, and love it! We use old school methods, modern technology, and a lot of personality with everything that we do. We strive to make sure each person that takes our tours has a memorable experience. This is what makes us the best at what we do. No bells and whistles, just good honest food and fun.