There are indeed some other food tour companies popping up and following in our footsteps. Try them all if you’d like. We are pretty sure you’ll come back to us. And we’ll welcome you with open arms. We know how to run a well-oiled Food Tour from our many years of experience. But don’t let our 18 years in the business throw you – we are constantly updating, re-inventing and fine-tuning the tours to create the ultimate food & cultural journey that is current, historically accurate and tastes some of the best bites around. Those other food tours might know something about food and maybe some of them know a little bit about NYC culture but what we do best is delicately and seamlessly blend the two. We don’t want to give away all of our trade secrets, but trust us… you will always have an amazing tour when you tour with Foods of NY Tours. We have a team of people on hand (in addition to your tour guide) making sure your experience is seamless and delicious. If something comes up along the way of the tour – our staff fixes it so you didn’t even notice the snag. It’s New York. Strange things happen all the time. It is our job make sure you don’t see any of it. And one last note… Be aware, some other folks have tried to hijack our namesake and switch the words around (Food Tours New York etc) but we know that you are smarter than that! Be sure you are touring with Foods of NY Tours and you’ll be safe and satisfied. Don’t get us wrong, we welcome the competition. It reminds us how great we really are. I know, we’re bragging. But we truly love what we do and we enjoy being good at it. Foods of NY Tours is so much more than just a business. It is a passion through and through. We live it and breathe it. We want to share our neighborhoods (and foods) with you – and let you fall in love with them – just as we have.