We asked a few of our star tour guides and staff for some of their favorite holiday gifts to give this season.  “Just don’t share with EVERYONE they said.” Whoops. Sorry.

Tour Guide Anny

Scent of the Season…
1.  The New York Shaving Company – Old St. Patrick’s Cologne
“The scent mixes nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander & ginger.  It’s like Christmas in a bottle and it smells like a handsome man!”
-Anny, Nolita Tour Guide

The New York Shaving Company has the perfect holiday gift for the gentleman in your life.  Anny recommends the Old St. Patrick’s Cologne.  Inspired by the history of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, they created a fragrance infused with nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and coriander.  The subtle blend offers a musky finish softened with vanilla. This cologne is the perfect stocking stuffer for the one you love.
202 Elizabeth St.
Tour Guide RJ

Deadly Good…
2.  Murray’s Cheese – Murray’s Bacon Lovers Trio
“My cousin flipped when I sent him this sampler set from Murray’s”
-RJ, Greenwich Village Tour Guide

Murray’s Bacon Lovers Trio

What could be better than bacon for the Holidays!  This Bacon Lovers Trio is sure to  please any bacon obsessed lover.  Surry Farms’ Berkshire pork from Virginia, Benton’s brown sugar smoke bomb from Tennessee and Mosefund Farm’s rich Mangalitsa pork will leave your mouth watering. We suggest eating this on Christmas morning paired with your favorite people in the world.  Happy Holidays!
254 Bleecker St.

Director of Operations Amy

Rich, Dark & Delicious…
3. O&CO.  Basil Oil & Premium Balsamic Vinegar
“The lightness of the basil pairs perfectly with the richness of this balsamic. It will leave you wanting more.  Save it for the boss, a new girlfriend, your mother-in-law… or anyone else you’re trying to impress.”
Amy – Director of Operations

The dynamic duo! If you’re unsure which O&CO. products to start with, look no further. What more can we say about Premium Balsamic Vinegar and our Olive & Basil Oil! This set combines two best-sellers, elegantly wrapped together for the perfect gift. It’s sure to impress in the signature O&CO. gift box!
249 Bleecker St.
Foods of NY Tours Staff

4. But what we all recommend buying for the MOST special person in your life is a Foods of NY Tours Gift Certificate, which can be used for ANY Food Tour, and NEVER expires!