A Battle Of The Breakfasts: The Meatpacking Districts Heavyweight Fooderies Throw Down Some Breakfast For Dinner

The Meatpacking district over the past 15 years has developed itself from industrial meat processing to a fashion and nightlife destination.  The early morning landscape of cow sides and pork shoulders being throw into trucks to saturate NYC restaurants have been transformed into weary eyed clubbers collapsing into ubers to take them to their nearest bed after a night of partying.  With only a handful of meat purveyors left, and the greasy spoons they would grab their daily fix of eggs and gritty coffee from, breakfast in the area seemed only confined to the rogue coffee and bagel cart parked on the corner.  All of these high-end culinary restaurants moving in with the trends seemed only interested in the late night crowd catering to their cravings of waygu toro and $500 bottles of cheap tequila in a glass skull.
But with the opening of the high line, and the residents that came with it, there was a greater need, breakfast!  And not just any breakfast, but a good one, that would make you feel as happy as that sun in those jimmy dean commercials.  We’re not talking about the weekend brunch with bottomless mimosas that would keep the party going.  Just something to read the NYT with, plan your day by and not feel like you just stepped out of Lady Gaga remix.
Enter Battle of the Breakfast, a one of a kind event organized by Meatpacking BID showcasing some of the best restaurants in the area, and specialties from their breakfast or brunch menus.  All 16 competitors went head to head for three titles, The People’s Choice Award, Judge’s Favorite and the Most Unique Dish.  After all the eggs were cracked, and batters mixed the winners definitely floated to the top!
Below are some of our favorite bites from this “Breakfast for Dinner” event, and why it is the most important meal of the day!
Pain Perdue & Doughnut

Colicchio & Sons (Judge’s Favorite)
This Brioche Pain Perdue, consisting of smoked maple syrup and bourbon butter was melt in your mouth perfection.  Our top pick of the night as well!  Colicchio and Sons offered a fun and textural umami bite leaving you with ALL the flavors breakfast brings to the table.  Oh, and also a side of mini doughnut just for kicks!

Mini Doughnuts

Doughnuttery (People’s Choice Award)
Purple pig and rainbow sprinkled mini donuts. Doughnuttery makes these “pop in your mouth donuts” a real sugar coated tasting. Literally! With creative names and bite sized donuts uniquely flavored with a variety of sugars they are a hit and will only leave you wanting more.  Turns out they were the favorite of the night as well!
Pigs in a Blanket

Bubby’s High Line (Most Interesting Dish)
This heartfelt home style and recipe based restaurant was more than appealing on Monday night.  Creating the classic pigs in a blanket, but with a sourdough pancake wrapped around a bite of pork sausage and drizzled with a wild blueberry maple compote, what more could you want for breakfast! But wait…there’s more.  The sourdough starter that Bubby’s used had been passed down for generations from the 1890 klondike gold rush, which is why they won most interesting dish of the evening.  Bubby’s creates exactly what comes to mind when you think “Comfort food.”
The Farmhouse

When your named after a breakfast staple, you better bring your best to the plate!  BEC did just that with the farmhouse sandwich starting with an over medium egg, layered with crispy pancetta, ricotta, baby spinach, fig jam and honey on a pugliese roll!  Great at 7am or 7pm any day of the week!
Avocado Toast

Who could go wrong with Avocado toast? Nothing if it’s made by the Soho House!  They perfected it in one tasty bite!  Their Avocado toast with Lemon and Chili oil atop crispy sourdough bread and topped with a quail egg was decadent and fresh to taste.
Fried French Toast

Deep. Fried. French Toast!  With a fig puree and fresh whipped cream made our mouths go yippee, and our bellies go yummmmm.
Pandoro French Toast

Their Pandoro French Toast with berries and honey was was soft and scrumptious.  This classic Italian bread was delectable and warm, also airy with a slight sponginess.  Simple yet heavenly.
Huevos Rancheros

These huevos rancheros were nothing short of flavorsome.  Layered atop a crispy tortilla was black beans, avocado, a sunnyside up egg and queso fresco.  So much flavor in one bite!  We expected a messy handful, but instead a perfectly styled and layered tasting. 
Leek & Spinach Frittata
The Whitney Museum’s signature restaurant presented their leek & spinach frittata with feta & dill.  The petite tasting made for a perfect hors d’oeuvre. Chilled and creamy, the frittata had the right amount of balance and flavor, and as expected pretty easy on the eyes.  We could have popped a few of these into our mouths!
PB&J Yogurt Shake

With their recent re-opening in Chelsea market, Creamline constitutes as the go to breakfast spot!  We tasted their peanut butter & jelly yogurt shake, which was unlike anything anyone else had at the event!  Consistency, flavor, and creativeness is what Creamline brought to the table that night.

Also, to wash down all these eggs and sweets, it was awesome to have an assortment of beers from Six point Brewery and Petite bottles of Champagne from Chandon!

The next time you are in the Meatpacking District remember that there are great breakfasts all around you, maybe not at night, but the early bird does get the worm…and the warm breakfast pastry right out of the oven!

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