A taste of the worlds French fries…in NYC!

Did you know that french fries are pretty popular all over the world, with each country putting their cultural stamp on the crispy classic?  There are so many varieties – from classic American fries to Poutine to Patatas Bravas – and I’ve found em right here in NYC.  So here’s your fry education for the day. Be sure to check these out on your next travel adventure abroad – or right here in New York.  And read up on my french fry crawl to find the best international iterations of this classic snack.

South Africa – slap chips
South Korea – Honey butter fries
Belgium – Frites
Canada – Poutine
Britain – Chips
France – Pommes Frites
India – Finger Chips
Spain – Patatas Bravas
Japan – Furaido Potato
California – Animal – style fries

My international fry crawl:

I took it upon myself to taste-test the many varieties of french fries that are eaten all over world. Yes, it was a hard job.  I started with the classic American route. But even this classic American approach incorporated a distinctly Italian spin.

Sticky’s Finger Joint, Greenwich Village

Sticky’s Truffle Parmesean Fries

In a cozy spot on West 8th and McDougal St in the Heart of the Village Sticky’s serves up chicken and fries in (mostly) traditional American style.  But they take their chicken to the next level with their creative sauces from wasabi to salted caramel. Their fries are brilliant and they go just perfectly with chicken.  I tried one of the top selling fries on the menu, the truffle parmesan fries.  The slightly garlicky taste and earthy aroma of the truffle mixed with the light shavings of parmesan atop the warm and crispy fries was extremely delicious.  And there is a reason why it’s top selling – that I assure you.

Top Sellers for Fries:

  • Truffle Parm Fries – Truffle salt and Parmesan $5.51
  • Bacon Mac Fries – Jalapeño mac and cheese with bacon $5.51 

Three Locations – Murray Hill, Greenwich Village and soon to open Hell’s Kitchen.

Try some after your Heart of the Village food tour!

Mile End Deli, NoHo

Mile End Poutine

Feeling a chill in the air, I stopped in to Mile End Deli for a classic Canadian poutine to warm me up. Poutine, which consists of French fries (thicker cut), cheese curds and gravy, sounded a little too rich to me, but man did I like it.  Mile End Deli creates the classic Poutine with roasted chicken gravy as their saucy base.  With the gravy and cheese curds, the poutine came out perfectly hot, which kept the fries warm.  This filling dish translated to warmth and the feeling of home.  What a perfect fall/winter time snack!

In the heart of the NoHo area of Manhattan, Mile End Deli sits on Bond Street, a quiet little escape from the noise of NYC.  Poutine is served at both lunch and dinner at Mile End.

Two types of poutine offered:
• Classic (which is what I had) – fries, cheese curds, roasted chicken gravy Small $9 / Large $12
• Smoked Meat – brisket, fries, cheese curds, roasted chicken gravy          
            Small $13 / Large $16

Two Locations – Brooklyn – Boerum Hill, Manhattan – NoHo.

The Mile End in NoHo is located only a block away from where we end our Nolita/NoHo Food Tour.  A must eat if you are still hungry after the tour!

Las Ramblas, West Village

Patatas Bravas

My last stop was Las Ramblas.  Here I tried their Spanish Patatas Bravas.  Patatas Bravas is a dish native to Spain and is also one of Spain’s spiciest dishes.  Often served as tapas, the white potatoes are cut into small cubes, fried in oil and served hot with a spicy tomato or aioli sauce.

 My patatas bravas were served as small fried potato cubes with paprika sprinkled moderately and garlic aioli on top.  Between the paprika’s spiciness and the garlic aioli’s sweetness, you are left with the perfect combination of sweet & savory in your mouth.  As another tasty note, the aioli was dispersed evenly over the potatoes and reminded me of thicker gravy in consistency.

Las Ramblas has a warm atmosphere with shades of red and brown and exposed brick surrounding you.  The cozy space, perfect for wintertime consists of high top tables, a small bar and three small window seats right in front of the restaurant.  Las Ramblas authenticity and Spanish tapas really comes through in the food they serve.   I highly recommend checking it out!

Menu Items I tasted: Patatas Bravas – $8

Las Ramblas is located in Greenwich Village on West 4th St., only a block away from where our Greenwich Village Tour ends!  Check it out after one of our tours for a small bite to eat!

The last french fry is for you:  Everything you need to know about french fries.

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