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A Sneak Peak is below and more is coming very soon.

The FNYT Insider’s Club is being developed to help our customers return with ease to the many neighborhoods and establishments they enjoyed while on one of our food tours. We are in the process of creating self guided itineraries (insider outings) that will help you enjoy the many wonderful places you fell in love with while on the tour. It’s never been so easy to plan a unique and fun outing in NYC!


An insider is a member of any group of people of limited number and generally with restricted access.
The term refers to those with secret, privileged or hidden information, who knows things outsiders don’t.


Old School Italian in The Village:

New-fangled Negronis & Old-fashioned Cappuccino’s

Step back in time, into NYC’s old italian culture with cocktails, then clam sauce then cappuccinos.

5-6 hours
Check theatre offerings and book tickets in advance

$120 -160 per person

Snap some pics of the famous cappuccino maker.


Start with a Negroni on tap at Dante. Not only has Dante recently been named the 16th best bar in the world but, they are widely regarded as home to New York’s best Negroni. So have one and enjoy your new status. You’re in a special club if you love a Negroni. It’s the drink that gets you a wink or nod from the bartender, and has them thinking This person knows their cocktails. Cheers! It’s the drink that gets you a wink or nod from the bartender, and has them thinking This person knows their cocktails. Cheers!


Hungry for more Italian(-American) influence? Then head to Monte’s Trattoria, serving traditional old-world fare since 1918. Get the linguine with white clam sauce in summer and eggplant parmigiana in the winter. And a nice bottle of Gavi. It’s family run, so say hello to Chef Pietro and his son Peter and his bambinos while you’re there. It’s a hometown place, casual and comfortable that just happens to have a 2005 Chef of the Year at its helm.


Catch whatever is playing at the Minetta Lane Theater or the Players Theater. A Broadway show is fun but off-Broadway (and off-off-Broadway) in the Village provides an intimate setting that will give you goosebumps. You can often find famous folks or newcomers using these venues to test out new material.


Walk around and through the true heart of the Village, Washington Square Park, any time of year, any time of day for an always-adventure for the eyes and ears. When you’re ready for a sweet-cap to your night, grab a pastry and cappuccino at Caffe Reggio and a side order of history. This spot was featured as a backdrop The Godfather and Serpico and it’s the Village’s oldest coffee house (since 1927) known for having introduced cappuccino to New York when the owner spent $1,000 to import an espresso machine (the chrome and bronze beauty still on display) from Italy. Try the flaky sfogliatella, stuffed with creamy ricotta.