WHAT I ATE: Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes

WHAT I ATE: Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes

WHY IT’S GREAT: The tang of sourdough blends with the sweetness of the blueberry compote to create a perfectly balanced plate of pancakes.

WHAT’S ON THE MENU: I love pancakes! I could eat them at any time of the day! In fact, I enjoyed this plate at Bubby’s as part of afternoon brunch. The truth is… normally I just use pancakes as a vehicle for ingesting as much butter and syrup as is physically possible in one sitting. But these pancakes had such a unique texture and taste, that I actually found myself digging in without the standard butter and syrup deluge. The texture was unlike anything I have ever tasted in a pancake before, as opposed to fluffy pillows of dough these pancakes were nearly crepe thin and had a chewiness that made them feel more filling and yet less gut-busting than your typical diner go to. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have fresh sourdough you know how intoxicating that sour taste of fermented dough can be, now imagine that taste in 3 perfectly round discs. Is your mouth watering yet? And Bubby’s doesn’t stop at pancakes, they go a step further and add that freshly made blueberry compote. This compote provides just the right amount of natural sweetness from the blueberries to perfectly complement the sour taste of the sourdough in the pancakes. Move over peanut butter and jelly, there’s a new match made in heaven…blueberry and sourdough!

COST: $19 — A perfect brunch meal, when you want to treat yourself!


THE SPACE: Old seamlessly blends with new in this Meatpacking District space. Floor to ceiling windows let the light flood into the whole space, even on the cold day I visited the restaurant, it still felt warm and inviting inside of Bubby’s. White washed panels and exposed brick on the walls help to add to the open floor space. Wooden bench banquets line the walls eventually giving way to a bar that takes up the full length of one wall. Kitschy art behind the bar will keep your eyes darting from here to there, is that a pop art portrait of Jay-Z, next to a mounted deer head?

FUN FACTS: Those pancakes began the journey to your plate over 130 years ago! All sourdough must begin with a bit of “starter” dough. Starter is a fermented mixture of flour and water, containing a colony of microorganisms including wild yeast and lactobacilli (far tastier than it sounds). The purpose of the starter is to produce a vigorous leaven (or rise) and to develop the flavor of the bread. Many bakeries and restaurants can trace their starter origins back hundreds of years, and Bubby’s is no different, their sourdough starter is from 1890!

BUBBY’S – HIGHLINE: http://www.bubbys.com
73 Gansevoort St. New York, NY 10014 – 212-206-6200
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