Five must have NYC Cold Brews! Coffee Spot #2: Bubby’s Highline – Meatpacking District

From the beginning Bubby’s was a pie company.  They have set a standard for traditional American food, cooking from scratch, utilizing family recipes and sourcing ingredients from the best providers.  The majority of Bubby’s recipes are sourced from recipe books from all over America.   The traditional style of American food and home cooking offers some of the most interesting cuisine’s to taste and explore.  Bubby’s is a feel good restaurant that brings you back home, even if only for a moment in time.

When I first walked into Bubby’s, I knew it would be a place I would want to go back.  The casual yet colorful homey style and feel of the restaurant is warm and welcoming.  If only I could sit down for breakfast or lunch!  But right now I was in search of a good Cold Brew coffee.

Bubby’s is a 3rd wave roaster that works with many small coffee buyers and roasters to offer the best coffee options and blends possible.  Bubby’s has brewed their coffee with brands such as Intelligentsia, Ritual, Heart, Blue Bottle, Toby’s Estate, Stumptown, Irving Farm and Brooklyn Roasters to name a few.  They offer customers a unique blend of coffee leaving them coming back for more.  It’s exciting to come into Bubby’s because you get the chance to be surprised by what blend and roaster they are working with each time.  I think it’s really cool that a restaurant like Bubby’s is able to offer something like this.

What is a 3rd wave coffee you ask?  A 3rd wave coffee refers to the current movement within specialty coffee that appreciates and purchases coffee based on its origin and artisan methods of production.  If this interests you, check out this article to learn more about 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave coffee.

When ordering and trying Bubby’s cold brew, I learned that right now they are using Forty Weight Coffee beans.  Forty Weight Coffee is roasted in Ithaca, NY and is owned and produced by two best friends.   The two friends have a great story to tell when talking about the formation of their company and philosophy.  These two are passionate and excited about creating the best coffee options possible.  (Check out their website to learn more).  They sell their coffee to a plethora of fine establishments in NY, Boston and some parts of the West Coast.  Everything they sell is roasted to order, so that the coffee is only enjoyed at peak freshness.

It was love at first sip when I tried Forty Weight Coffee.   The cold brew was an Ethiopian and Columbian blend, which brews for a full 20 hours.  The flavor was powerful!  The coffee was bright in taste and had a certain pow/firework to it!  There was a tangy, citrus tone to it almost like grapefruit.   As I stood there sipping my Cold Brew, I began to talk to the barista.  She was extremely knowledgeable about the coffee she was selling and brewing.   She even told me she likes to play around and create other options of cold brew.  That day she had made a small batch of cold brew consisting of Honduran beans.   As much as I was already enjoying my cold brew, she offered me a taste of the Honduran cold brew as well as a shot of Forty Weights espresso.  Both blew me away!  They were equally bright in taste and full of flavor.  The Honduran cold brew consisted of peach and apple flavor notes with a slightly heavier consistency and the espresso had a red fruit taste along with a chocolaty finish.  You can really taste the uniqueness of Forty Weight coffee and you can see why they stand out after trying all three of these drinks.  Both cold brews work great with milk if you prefer, but my first preference is always black.  They are both so appetizing; drinking them black really provides you with the opportunity to really experience the flavors.

Also, since Bubby’s is known for their homemade pies, I though it made sense to try a slice or two.  So, I did!  The mix of coffee and pie is a perfect marriage.  I tried their blueberry crumble and cherry pie. Both Fantastic!

Bubby’s accepts credit and debit cards.
Their 16oz Cold Brew costs $5.  They also sell their drip coffee for $2.50, which right now is a Honduras bean.  Their double espresso shots run at $3.50.

Bubby’s has two locations – Tribeca and the Meatpacking District
The Meatpacking restaurant has plenty of space to sit if you have the time to hangout or a quick little coffee bar / Soda foundation in the back if you are looking to run in and out!  We also pass right by Bubby’s on our Chelsea Market / Meatpacking District Food tour.  Enjoy!

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