Jack’s Stir Brew started 11 years ago as one of the first coffee houses to exclusively serve organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee. Owner, Jack Mazzola wanted to share his core values with his customers: Community, Passion and Quality. Since 2003 Jack has created a consistently smooth cup of coffee that truly is good to the last drop.

What makes his brew so consistently great you ask?

1. The unique blend of beans Jack provides
2. The Stir Brew Coffee Machine

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee:

Jack’s offers a unique blend of coffee, which they use for their espresso, drip and cold brew.  The signature bean that makes up the bulk of Jacks stir brew roast comes from a farm in the Dominican Republic.  Jack has a long-standing friendship with the farm and they have been working and growing together since the birth of his Company.  To complete their stir brew blend, Jack’s continues to use the finest organic, fair trade, shade grown beans from South and Central America along with Sumatra.

Selling and using one blend of beans for all sorts of coffee drinks is a unique route to go these days. This differentiates Jack’s, because most specialty coffee companies are using beans from a variety of countries, offering a different bean for each type of coffee ordered.  This is something that really separates Jack’s Coffee from other specialty shops and is very cool, in coffee culture.  Throughout the years the consistency of the cup has left happy customers coming back for more.  

The Stir Brewer:

Jack’s is also unique in that it is the only shop with its own-patented coffee machine, the Stir Brewer.  Jack attributes his rich, full-bodied flavor of his drip coffee to this machine.  The stir brewer is a device of his own invention that oxygenates the coffee grinds as they brew, allegedly reducing their acidity.  The machine stirs the grinds of coffee for a total of 5 minutes within the filter to make all of the coffee wet and leaving nothing behind or missed.  With a continuous stir, Jack feels that you get a fantastic full-bodied blend of coffee.  The idea of the Stir brewer came from stirring a cup of coffee for full extraction of flavor.  Inspired by this idea, a world-class engineer and friend of Jack’s father’s created the stir brew coffee machine in 2003.

Tasting Time:

Although the stir brew is Jack’s signature drink, he offers a plethora of other great coffee drink options.  Since it is summer and it is hot… I am on a cold brew hunt!   Believably, the cold brew is their top summer seller.  When first trying Jack