L to R Amy (Director of Operations), Danielle (Logistics)

Hi! I’m Danielle, a new employee of Foods of New York Tours.  When asked by my boss if I’d like to do a blog series on a certain type of food in NYC’s village area, the old-school pork stores came to mind. How about a ‘Sausage Series’? Really get to the meat of the matter (pun intended).  Cut through all the new-age, juice this, cleanse that cacophony and get some real bonafide meat on these bones. These famed, renowned mainstays of the neighborhood are so alluring. Romantic in their own way, whispers of a past simplicity.  No glitz, no glam. Sawdust on the floor. Real food, grannies ordering in their native Italian tongue for the big Sunday supper, and families hard at work for decades serving the neighborhood. 

Now, I’m a meat-girl. A carnivore in the truest sense. I believe it’s ingrained in me, having grown up with three brothers and a dad who loves the grill. Becoming a vegetarian is not an option. Being healthy does NOT mean excluding meat, at least for me. In fact, I’m currently following a diet called The Whole 30 in which healthy meats are one of the main stars. So take that, kale smoothie!  The Whole 30 is a precursor to the Paleo diet, which consists mostly of meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, fruit and veggies. As a new mom I’m interested in dropping some baby weight and introducing my son to real foods, not the processed or packaged items that fill the middle aisles of the supermarket.  Eating healthy for me means finding a balance and this quest for the perfect sausage from my neighborhood butcher shop is a great place to start.  These old-school pork stores don’t use fillers, added sugars, or nitrates. It is the whole hog, in the truest sense. Dense, juicy, and oh-so fulfilling.  So follow me down the rabbit-hole (pig-hole?) to sausage satisfaction. We’ll be taste-testing the basics, as well as specialty items, at several pork institutions of the Village.  First up . . . Faicco’s Italian Specialites.


260 Bleecker Street, New York, NY
Brief History:
Opened in 1900 by Edward Faicco, who emigrated from Sorrento, Italy in 1896. He first opened his store on Thompson Street in the Village. His son, Joseph moved the store to its current Bleecker street location the heart of Greenwich Village in the 1940’s. Currently, Joseph’s grandson Eddie runs this location, with his young children helping him out when they can.  Eddie’s brothers run another location in an Italian section of Brooklyn, Dyker Heights.
Suggested Sausages:
-Age-old basics like the sweet pork and hot pork links are the best-sellers year-round. Approx. $8 for 6 links.
-For summer grilling, the cheese and parsley pork pinwheel is a crowd favorite. Also popular for summer grilling are the pork/broccoli rabe links and pork/ sweet pepper links.  Approx $12 for the pinwheel and $8 for six links.
-For the hea