Shopkeepers Secrets #11: RBBTS

Meet Tom, owner of Rabbits (RBBTS) on our Central Village/ Soho Tour!

MUST EAT ITEM: Tom eats a hamburger from the shop every day. To him, it is the perfect “feel good” food. Made with marinated premium ground beef from Pino’s Prime Meat Market up the street on a brioche bun from Grandaisy Bakery in TriBeCa with lettuce tomato and cheese. Tom made mine with muenster and after he raved about their bacon, I just had to add it to my burger.

Now, I have been bit of a “burger connoisseur” around NYC and this is up there with the best! The extra step of marinating the meat is what sets this burger apart from the rest. Unfortunately for us, the recipe is top secret!

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW: Tom’s recipes are full of secrets and these secrets are one of the many things that set this sandwich shop apart from others. When I asked Tom where he gets his bacon he said “outer space” and I believe him, it was out of this world!

Simple breakfast sandwiches are brought to a new level with Tom’s “secret” egg seasoning that gives the eggs a home-style fluffy quality. I stopped in the next morning for Tom’s go-to breakfast sandwich “The American” with bacon, scrambled eggs and American cheese on a toasted brioche roll. The most popular breakfast sandwich is “The Bedford” with turkey, scrambled egg, avocado, muenster cheese and spinach on multigrain… hmmm… maybe tomorrow…

“The American”

Don’t let all of the secrets make you feel like you’re an outsider. Rabbits is probably the most chill place on all of our tours. You feel more like you’re hanging out at a friend’s house than at a café. They want customers to get what they want and are more than happy to customize their menu items to your liking. Everything is made to order, so as they say if your impatient call ahead. But I suggest you order a glass of their homemade fresh squeezed lemonade (which Tom admits to drinking way too much of) and relax. You become cooler and cooler every minute you hang out at Rabbits.

Stick around long enough and you wont be able to resist the organic triple chocolate chip cookies… They are magical!

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