In this NEW blog series “TAKE 2” we get to dig deeper and re-visit the restaurants and shops on our food tours, but show you a few more delicious options which aren’t offered as a tasting on the tour…and you get to join us on the culinary ride.  Our goal at Foods of NY Tours is to not only serve you food from the best of the best, but also save you the gut-filling task of trying EVERYTHING on the menu to discover the other hidden gems you may have otherwise glanced over or passed by.


You tried the rice balls and Soppressata at Faicco’s Pork store, but did you know that they make their own fresh mozzarella daily and special sausage rolls only on Saturdays?
You tried the three types of cheeses and parmesan straws at Murray’s Cheese Shop, but that is only 1% of all of the cheese that they carry!


In today’s TAKE 2 we re-visit Home Restaurant, the charming original NYC farm to table restaurant located on Cornelia street with that “hidden” year round garden.  You may have had a chance to try on our Original Greenwich Village Tour their three cheese “Mac and Cheese”, made with Asagio, Monteray Jack and Cheddar cheese.  We probably also told you about their AMAZING chocolate pudding, homemade ketchup and 95% NY state wine list.  But what you didn’t know was that the deliciousness doesn’t stop there.  We went back and hung out with Chef Scott and General Manager Nate to have them prepare what their favorite dish and drink are at Home Restaurant, and what they eat when no one is looking.


As a fairly frequent visitor to Home Restaurant I am always looking for small bites that will go a long way when I am not hungry enough for an entree, but craving more than a snack to go with my cocktail.  Last fall I stumbled upon the “Farmers Egg” at Home restaurant and fell madly in love!  This hearty, yet small plate packs tons of flavor in the perfect amount of food for an afternoon breakfast, mid-day lunch or lite dinner…something I like to call “BreLinner”.  This simple plate combines perfectly cooked wild rice and white truffle risotto, crispy maitake mushrooms, a “Runny” hard boiled egg and herbs.  Paired with a glass of Dr. Konstatine Dry Reisling takes this dish to a higher level transporting you to a hillside in northern Italy overlooking Lake Como sharing a laugh with George Clooney.  On a recent visit Chef Scott took me behind the scenes and let me watch him prepare the “Farmers Egg” dish in the cozy Home Restaurant kitchen.

Scott’s Mise en Place: