At Foods of NY Tours, our tour guides not only showcase the best of the city’s art–they also create it.
Cindy Keiter has led our Original Greenwich Village Tour and our Chelsea Market/ Meatpacking District Tour for over twelve years. In that time, she’s also acted in a number of film, theater, and tv productions in the city. This month, she revives her role of Sally in the neo-noir thriller “Doubles Crossed: The Ballad of Rodrigo,” an original play by Jason S. Grossman and directed by Amber Gallery. It’s a sequel to the 2012 off off-Broadway hit “Doubles Crossed.”
“‘Sally’ is a trip to play!” says Cindy. “You get reoccurring roles in TV or films that have sequels, but it’s very unique for stage, so lucky me!” 

“Doubles Crossed: The Ballad of Rodrigo” is a tense, theatrical re-imagining of the film noir dramas of the 40s and 50s. Suspicion and secret alliances underscore the gritty story of criminal-turned-G-man Freddie Tower and the past he can’t escape. Cops, mobsters, heists, a destroyed criminal empire, and a modern down-and-out scam artist bring this adventure full circle.

It’s not just the colorful characters or story lines that inspire Cindy; the thrill of live performances create a unique and unparalleled setting for creating art. 
“Doing live stage work is an adrenaline rush for me, because once they say, ‘places,’ you go,” says Cindy. “Unlike shooting a film, where you get multiple chances to get things just right, live performance becomes like a big piece of music with so many elements coming together in the lights, sound, costumes, props, audience. Then, I hope I remember my lines and sound like IR