New York is an old city (at least by US standards) and the locations where we hold our tours are some of the oldest in the city. This means that many of the narrow streets and uneven cobblestone streets we walk, along with the small shops and staircases in and out some of establishments are not conducive to strollers and wheelchairs. This does not mean that we don’t welcome both, it just means that some tours are going to be better for you than others.

  • For strollers, we do recommend something small that folds up easily (an umbrella stroller usually works best). Many of our locations are very small and trying to keep children in strollers in the stores can be a struggle, so having something the child can be taken in and out of easily is going to make it a much more pleasant experience for both child and parent
  •  For wheelchairs, we have found that our Chelsea Market Tour is the easiest tour to manage, as there are ramps and elevators wherever there might be stairs that a guest would have to maneuver.  If the guests level of mobility includes being able to walk up and down a few stairs, with or without assistance, then the Original Greenwich Village Tour is going to be the next best option

We want to do our best to accommodate whatever mobility needs you might have, so if you are interested in one of our other tours (not listed above), please feel free to contact us directly, so we may find the tour that works best for you!