Fall is here!
Okay, so it’s not exactly raining golden leaves or blowing a crisp breeze yet. In fact, today is about as gross and humid as it comes. But still, Labor Day has come and gone. That means it’s back to school and time to start craving pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon-spiced hot drinks. Let’s talk about the three foods/dishes from places featured on our Original Greenwich Village Tour that you need to indulge on this fall.

1. A Cheesemonger’s Choice Flight from Murray’s Cheese Bar
Haven’t you always wanted a cheesemonger to pick out the perfect meats and cheeses for you on a crisp autumn day? Okay, maybe this isn’t on your bucket list necessarily, but it probably should be. The famous Murray’s Cheese Shop just opened their cheese bar this summer. There they give you the opportunity to choose from their extensive menu yourself or hand the reigns over to the experts, tell them what you like, and enjoy. With the colder weather, we get to delve into the heavier, more complex cheeses and even — gasp! — melt or bake them. What could be better?
2. Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich (with blue cheese!) at Home Restaurant
I love me some sustainable food sourcing, and Home does this as well as anyone. They say that they’re dedicated to showcasing the local and sustainable food sources in New York City and State, but they do it seamlessly, so the menu doesn’t seem forced or pretentious. No fancy, over-thought, or belabored meals here, just good home cooking with ingredients you can feel great about. On a colder fall afternoon, I also recommend the cobra cocoa: homemade hot cocoa, brandy, and fresh whipped cream. Now who could complain about summer ending with something like that to look forward to?
3. Hearty Breads from Amy’s Bread

Amy’s supplies bread to restaurants across New York City, but you can go straight to the source. For an autumn snack, toast their whole wheat with walnuts and spread your favorite salted butter on top. Or buy a loaf of their pumpernickel and use it to make a hearty sandwich. They don’t use additives or preservatives, and you don’t have to worry about the flavorless, textureless loaves you sometimes get from mediocre grocery store bakeries. And with small batches, each loaf is hand-crafted, and it shows. Embrace the fuller textures and flavors of fall and start your autumn sandwich off right.

Summer can be hard to let go of — personally, I’m mourning the waning caprese salads and ears of sweet corn — but there’s plenty of tastiness to look forward to. What are your favorite fall foods and meals? Drinks? Let’s hear it!