Food Tour in a Box

I came up with the idea for “Food Tour in a Box” a few years ago for my family’s “non-gag gift” white elephant gift exchange and I have continued the tradition every year. My family lives on the West Coast and only a select few of my relatives have taken my food tour, so my idea is to bring the food tour to them! Since I have to fly across the country I focus on items that can travel and be purchased days before Christmas. The good news is many of the items are sold online!
The selection changes a bit every year. If I was putting together a “Food Tour in a Box” this year this “might” be what I would put in it… I hope no one from my family is reading this…
Greenwich Village Tour
Ewephoria Sheeps Milk Gouda from Murray’s Cheese Shop-
Central Village Tour 
Monsoon Malabar Coffee from Porto Rico Importing Co.-
White Pomegranate White Tea from Sullivan Street Tea and Spice Company-
Chelsea Market Tour
Preserves from Sarabeth’s-
Bequest Celtic Sea Salt Caramels-
Chinatown Tour
Beef Jerky from New Beef King-
Nolita/ Noho Tour
The Wine Mailbox Program from Public-

I hope it inspires your own “Food Tour in a Box”!!!!
–Heather, Tour Guide

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