Top 5 Chocolate Shops in NYC

Life is like a box of chocolates, but with a little help from Tour Guide Bert, you’ll know exactly which ones to get.

Bert is a veteran of the NYC chocolate scene. He ran chocolate walking tours in the city before joining Foods of NY Tours!

Here are his expert recommendations for his favorite chocolate spots in NYC—and which chocolates to order. Grab a bite and let us know how they stack up. Leave us your favorites in the comments!

Kee’s Chocolate
Bert’s Favorite: Passion fruit heart
Bonbon chocolate filled with dark chocolate ganache. Notes of black sesame, blood orange and blended pepper.

Bert’s Favorite: Beer Pretzel Caramel Nuggets
A compellingly addictive snack with crunchy bits of Martins Pretzels coated in handmade caramel.

Bert’s Favorite: Meyer Lemon or Champagne Truffle
Truffles crafted by the Parisian artisanal luxury chocolatier.

Bert’s Favorite: Elderflower Bon Bon 
Gourmet chocolate filled with Elderflower liqueur.

Bert’s Favorite: Mojito Bon Bon
Fashioned with flavors of rum and mint. 

Not a shop but a good friend, talented chef, amazing singer and wonderful chocolatier. 
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