Almost the whole Foods of New York Tours crew — office staff and tour guides alike — got together on Monday evening for a holiday drink at Centro Vinoteca.

We met at the bar to share some food and drink while catching up and spreading some holiday cheer. I do apologize for my shoddy photography work in this post. (In my defense, it was really dark in there!) I don’t go to the tour guide dinners so I had never gotten the chance to see so many of the tour guides at once. It was a great reminder of what an excellent and mutually supportive culture the staff cultivates at Foods of New York Tours.

Our fearless leader, Todd, and tour guide Bob chatted for a while, possibly about Open House New York’s donation drive; Bob is Program Sponsor there, as well as a member of the OHNY Volunteer Council. (You may remember how active Bob is in the New York tourism world.)

Tour guide and office ninja Heather managed to photobomb this picture — with great success — just as I was taking it. Guides Curt and Kerianne were catching up when I convinced them to pose for a photo for me.

A handful of the Foods of New York Tours ladies… they look pretty happy and full after some pasta, handcrafted drinks, bacon-wrapped Medjool dates, and of course Rosairo’s white truffled deviled eggs. (Can you tell which food I was most excited about?)
Amongst the festivities, I managed to corral everyone into the same frame for a group photo. (Click the picture to enlarge it.) Can you spot your favorite tour guide?
In the new year, we’ll have some interviews with more of these wonderful people. I’m really looking forward to getting to know them better and to sharing that process with you! In the mean time, don’t forget to pick up some gift certificates for your loved ones this holiday season, or check out our Holiday Gift Guide blog post from earlier this week.