Jacqueline’s Picks – Three of my favorite $1 Oyster Happy Hours in New York City

Are you looking to try out some great $1 Oyster Happy Hours?

Do the words sweet, clean, salty, rich or meaty interest you?

If so, you should check out these three oyster spots for some of the tastiest deals in town!  I went ahead and tried them all first so you know just what to order!

Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn:
Mermaid Inn offers a $1 Oyster Happy Hour: Mondays – All Night! Tues – Friday from 5-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 4-7pm.

Before the oysters came out, I tasted the Oyster Shooter for $5.  Basically a bloody mary in the form of a shot with an oyster inside.  Pretty tasty appetizer to prepare for more oysters!

Oyster Shooters

After my bloody mary appetizer, I tasted the Barcat oysters from Chesapeake Bay, VA.  This was the Chef’s choice on the night I went.  They were small/medium in size and had a slight brininess (mild salinity) to them.  The oysters were plump in size and had a creamy, yet light, taste to them.  Being from Florida, my first thought after tasting was “home” which made me smile.

When tasting oysters, it’s best to find the perfect drink pairing. Of course, I’m talking about a beer, wine or even a bloody mary.
My preference for the night, and also my waiter’s suggestion, was to go with a Chardonnay from California. I’m happy I did.  Honestly, I do not care for white wine, but it was the perfect companion to my oysters.  A pleasant and refreshing way to wash down the salty and deliciously pungent oysters.

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate these oysters a 3.  I would rate my experience at the restaurant a 5 though!  Great service, fun drinks for happy hour and yummy seafood snacks.

Check out Mermaid Inn before or after our Heart of the Village tour!

Fish Restaurant

Fish Restaurant:
Fish Restaurant is a super casual seafood joint located on Bleeker Street, in the West Village.  This chilled-out place offers an awesome special for oyster lovers that you just can’t beat!  All day long, $9 gets you 6 Blue Point oysters alongside your choice of a PBR, Chardonnay or Merlot.  
I went for the PBR this time.  Since I was there for lunchtime, a beer felt most appropriate and appetizing.  I chose right; the large, meaty, and briny Blue Point oysters from Long Island’s south shore went perfectly with a beer.  These definitely had some juice you didn’t want to leave behind either!  Plump and mild. I felt like I should be eating these on a dock somewhere in Florida or perhaps somewhere on Long island!
1/2 Dozen Blue Point Oysters
Did you know that the Blue Point oyster is the most popular oyster to eat on the East Coast?  They outsell other oysters by nearly 3-1!
I sat at the bar inside while enjoying my oysters, but if you get there at just the right moment, you may be able to snag one of the 3 bar seats right outside the restaurant!  Great oysters, great service and great prices!  
On a scale of 1-5, I would rate Fish a 4.  I would rate my experience at Fish a 4 as well!  Definitely recommend going for an easy going, filling and cheap lunch. 
Check out Fish Restaurant before or after you take our Greenwich Village tour!
Cull & Pistol Oyster Spread

Cull & Pistol:
By far, the best of my 3 oyster-tasting experiences!
Cull & Pistol offers $1 Oysters, Mon-Fri from 4-6pm. 
Unlike Fish and Mermaid Inn, you are able to taste up to 10 different types of oysters from along the East Coast. The oysters, as well their clams, are $1 each!  While tasting the oysters, I chose a Narragansett beer from Rhode Island to wash them down.
Honestly, these oysters were so clean, crisp and fresh that you almost don’t need a drink pairing.  Each different in their own way, they offered a taste so richly vibrant that you just wanted to keep eating more.  Freezing cold when served, plump as can be, high salinity in most and the extra juice inside each shell made these the best oysters I have had in NYC so far!
Cull & Pistol Happy Hour Menu
Because you can order oysters from different places along the East Coast, it gives you the opportunity to compare flavors and tastes, which is a fun experience.  As great as the oysters were, the service was wonderful as well.  Cull & Pistol is clean-cut with great employees and cool music to listen to while enjoying your oysters.  
On a scale of 1-5, I would rate Cull & Pistol a 5!  My experience at the restaurant would definitely be a 5 as well!  I can’t wait to go back and taste some more oysters!  
Check out Cull & Pistol before or after one of our Chelsea Market/Meatpacking Tours!

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