Dear Danielle,

I’m new to the city and looking to find my go-to ice cream place, especially as this heat wave continues. Problem is: There are so many to choose from! Help me satisfy my craving!

Ice Scream, You Scream

Dear Ice Cream, You Scream,

I totally feel your brain freeze pain.  The options are endless! So with temperatures staying toasty well into September and October, I did some research to help you get through our Indian summer until your pumpkin spice lattes and slouchy sweaters can take over. Lucky for you (but really lucky for me!), I spent most of August combing the streets for the best sweet treat to satisfy your ice cream craving. Here are some options to suit some particular ice cream personalities (of which there are many!).

For the trend-meister:  Big Gay Ice Cream

Begun as an ice cream truck serving amazing soft serve on the streets of NYC, musicians Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff now operate two NYC storefronts – one in the East Village and one in the West Village. They’ve expanded to Philadelphia and have plans to open in LA soon.
Their soft serve is of special note and different than your standard Mr. Softee truck because of the high-quality ingredients that they use: Ronnybrook Farm Dairy cream and milk, along with sugar and natural stabilizers. While Mr. Softree may taste ok, they use chemicals as stabilizers and the ingredients are not nearly the same caliber. The texture of Big Gay soft serve is perfect; it takes you back to old school soft serve but the taste is out of this world.
What also sets Big Gay Ice Cream apart is the combination of flavors. No need to decide for yourself whether you want caramel sauce and sprinkles. Just do yourself a favor and get the Salty Pimp, Bea Arthur, American Globs or Rocky Roadhouse (the names are all a part of the fun – that and the unicorn and rainbow décor in the stores).  The Salty Pimp consists of vanilla soft serve, dulche de leche sauce, sea salt and chocolate dip.