Check out these two short documentaries celebrating Moe Albanese, the last butcher in Little Italy. Visit Albanese Meats on our Nolita/ Noho Tour!
Moe the Butcher– directed by Val Albanese, the granddaughter of Moe Albanese.
The Last Butcher in Little Italy
Director: Laura Terruso 
“Unlike most Italian-Americans, Moe Albanese never left Little Italy. Born on Elizabeth Street in 1925, Moe grew up here and helped his parents run the small butcher shop “Albanese Meats.” Today, this shop is the last that remains of Elizabeth Street’s Italian-American history. At eighty-three years old Moe is the shop’s only employee. He trims meat to his customer’s specifications while recounting the history of the neighborhood and the people who lived there. The docum