Top 5 NYC Parks

Barri is a triple-threat tour guide. For over eight years, she’s led groups on the Original Greenwich Village Tour, the Chelsea Market/ Meatpacking Tour, and the Central Village Tour.
She’s also a triple-threat in other areas: not only can she walk and talk, but she can snap photos too!
Here are her top 5 favorite NYC parks to explore an photograph. She took all the below photos herself!
Brava, Barri!

1.Washington Square Park

Each visit is a new adventure as you never know what talented musician or quirky/eccentric people you might encounter.

Amazing Farmers Market plus some great restaurants and gelato and eateries nearby!

Great bike-riding, and you can really see NY’s hills and cliffs on the upper west side near the Hudson River.
River views, beautiful gardens, bike riding and other outdoor activities, plus the Chelsea market and great restaurants nearby.
Shakespeare in the Park, poets walk, Summerstage concerts, taking a rowboat out on the late, Shakespeare’s Garden, the ramble. What more can I say….

All photos copyright Barri Falk

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