Shopkeepers Secrets #4: O & Co.

Meet Justin, manager of O & Co. on our Original Greenwich Village Tour!

MUST EAT ITEM: Justin really does love the white truffle salt as much as he says he does (when presenting to the tours) and puts it on everything. Another daily ritual is vegetables cooked with the Salt& Herbs mix. In the winter, Justin’s go to recipe for entertaining is O & Co’s Pici Pasta with his homemade lamb ragu (I want that recipe!) and for cozy nights at home, the chili pepper penne with vodka sauce. In the summer, he makes bean salad with the Purple Basil Vinegar.

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW: If you have taken our Greenwich Village Tour, you know Home Restaurant’s motto “Fine Wine, Fine Ketchup.” Well, O & Co. has fine ketchup for sale! Made with chili pepper, lavender and no high fructose corn syrup. “It actually tastes like tomatoes” says Justin who also recommends using in place of cocktail sauce.

Thanks for the tips Justin!

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