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We’ve been getting a lot of love in the blogosphere lately. And while I know that all of you follow our every word on Twitter and therefore know all about these write-ups, I thought I’d share them again for you here just in case. It always makes me so happy to see the reviews we get on Zerve or the feedback we receive otherwise; obviously the whole point of Foods of New York Tours is for people to have fun, so when they do I know we’ve done our jobs!

So here is some of the recent blog love we’ve gotten, in no particular order. If you’ve written a blog about your experience on a Foods of New York Tour, make sure to tell us about it in comments, at @FoodsofNewYork on Twitter, or on the FNYT Facebook page!

The Taste of Travel’s “Original Greenwich Village Tour Review

Cailin took our newest tour, the Nolita/NoHo food tour, last year and then returned for a taste of Greenwich Village last summer. In her recent writeup, she writes that she lives by the rule of “try everything once,”which sounds like a great attitude to have on a food tour!

Faicco's arancini rice ball
Behold: the arancini! Perfection from Faicco’s.
(photo via

“Greenwich Village’s name should soon be changed to Gourmet Village,” Cailin writes, and I don’t disagree. She jubilantly describes Murray’s Cheese Shop as “Cheese Heaven” and vouches that our tour guides are nearly un-stumpable; they seem to know everything about the neighborhood and the shops. Thanks, Cailin! That’s what we were going for.

Vancouver Foodie Tours’ “Chelsea Market & Meatpacking District Tour

As you can imagine, giving a tour to professional tour guides can be one of the more difficult tasks; they know how it should be done! But even coming from Vancouver Foodie Tours in Canada, Michelle seems to have had a great time with tour guide Diana on our Chelsea Market tour.

Cupcakes at Eleni’s
(photo via

She has lots of great stuff to say about all the food she tasted, but for Michelle, the crumpets from Sarabeth’s “stole the show.” Now I want one, too…

In addition to wandering around the varied shops in Chelsea Market, Michelle says she learned a lot beyond food. The tour is “packed with lots of interesting information about the history and the culture of the Chelsea Market and Meatpacking District” and comes highly recommended by her.

Whew. I’m glad we could impress a fellow food tour creator!

TheEatison’s “Eating Our Way Around New York

Ellie took our Greenwich Village tour a year ago for her birthday but just recently wrote this excellently-recalled recap of the tour.

happy Foods of New York Tours customers
Ellie & her boyfriend enjoy the tour
(photo via

She took the tour on recommendation from her parents — good job, Ellie’s parents! — and has two pieces of advice: book in advance and don’t eat breakfast beforehand!

Ellie insists in this blog post that she had never eaten macaroni & cheese before stopping at Home Restaurant on the tour. This seems kind of impossible to me, but I’ll take her word for it. Not a bad introduction to mac & cheese, though, if I may say so.

“This was creamy, cheesy, rich but not too rich, crispy on top and most importantly well seasoned,” she writes. “This was my favourite restaurant we visited and we went back for a full meal the night after.” This girl learns fast!

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