Anny wears many hats. She’s our red-headed Nolita tour guide. She’s a talented singer. And she’s also a holiday movie aficionado.

In her own words, here are her favorite films to watch–and the perfect edible (and potables) compliments!

MY TOP 5 FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES (& what to munch on while you’re watching them!)

Ok. So is there anything better than snacks in front of a screen?! It is a great way of unwinding in general. But especially during the holidays when we are all desperate for any reason to take a break from the craziness of the season, catching a flick in the comfort of your home is just the ticket.

This 1964 stop motion animation feature movie has been broadcast every year since its debut, making it the longest running Christmas TV special in history! Also, I hold a special place in my heart for Rudolph. Not only do we have in common a bright red physical feature that sets us apart – for Rudoph his nose, for me my hair. But we were both serendipitously rescued by a singular place that allowed us to see the inherent fabulousness of what was once considered a flaw. In the end Rudolph teaches us that the key to cool is just being YOU – eccentricities and all. Heck, ESPECIALLY eccentricities. And so do you not agree that N.Y.C. is the most perfect embodiment of the Island Of Misfit Toys? Where would we be without this insanely maddening and undeniably magical place?! Cheers Rudy!

Snack Pairing: Old Fashioned Ribbon Candy in red, white and green – the kind my Great Aunt Nellie used to have on hand every time we popped by for the holidays. And even though I’ve never really been a fan of it, somehow a traditional old school fruitcake seems like the perfect pairing with this classic throw back of a movie.


So I’m an old-fashioned kinda gal and just love the all the glamour and glitz of Hollywood in the 40’s. This fabulously sharp romantic comedy stars Barbara Stanwyck as Elizabeth Lane, a domestically disabled, successful magazine columnist, living the single life while holed up in a modest N.Y.C. studio apartment. ‘Tis the season and in a frenzied effort to maintain her professional charade as the perfect homemaker, Elizabeth finds herself heading north to a dairy farm in the picturesque countryside of Connecticut. As a public relations exercise she is meant to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner for her boss and a gaggle of folks including a two wounded (not to