Top 5 Murray’s Cheese Stocking Stuffers

Good things comes in small packages. 
Our friends at Murray’s Cheese have rounded up their favorite stocking stuffers for your holiday stockings. You’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa with these 5 tiny treats–and all can be ordered (and shipped) directly from Murray’s website. 
Sample some of OUR favorite Murray’s items on our Original Greenwich Village tour!

5. Époisses

The Facts: A runny, spreadable French classic notorious for its big stinky flavor that takes no prisoners. Spread it on a chewy hunk of bread and wonderful things will happen.
4. Seashore Honey
The Facts: Not your average honey, it is whipped to a marshmallow texture that is unlike any other . Perfect with a tangy goat cheese or a nutty blue.
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3. Piri Piri Sauce

The Facts: This New Jersey made Portuguese-style hot sauce is fiery and spicy. While Piri Piri certainly brings the heat, it is well-rounded with deep notes of roasted pepper.
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2. Cavemaster Reserve Hudson Flower

The Facts: We take young wheels of soft sheep cheese and coat them in dehydrated hop flowers and a few other herbs. Its deep floral rind and smooth, creamy paste is a true taste of the holidays.
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1. Murray’s Cheese Gift Card

The Facts: Don’t know what to get them? Choose any amount and let em’ cut loose. Cards can be used at our New York stores, for a funky and fun cheese class, or even an online order.
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