Top 5 Classic NY Holiday Activities (and Where to Eat)

Tour guide Marie is in great spirits for all months of the year, but the holidays are extra-special: she’s in the holiday spirit!

How does she do it?

Here are her top 5 ways to get into the holiday spirit—all classic, only-in-NYC activities. Of course, food plays an important role.
Happy holidays!

1. On the holidays, Sandra Bernhard performs at Joe’s Pub. Meanwhile we share appetizers and champagne. The guacamole is great! She is a blast if anyone can get the time to check her out!

2. Get a bunch of friends together. Fill up thermoses w/ egg nog ( brandy laced optional), then go caroling in your neighborhood  OR on the subway!

3. When I feel bold enough, I’ve gone ice skating at the Wollman’s Rink in Central Park.

After, we go to a cafe at the Neue Galerie on 5th Avenue called Cafe Sabarsky. It is an old cafe just like the ones in Vienna. Love the chocolate cake there.

4. Go to the Met Museum and then go to Serendipity for candy cane ice cream! YUM!

5. Go for a buggy ride in Central Park then do to the Loeb Boat House for a delicious hot soup like Butter Nut Squash with crème fraîche. It’s really inexpensive to have lunch there and they make great salads as well.

Now, if one objects to patronizing the buggies, then go to the most classic of movie theaters in NYC, The Paris Theatre, right across from the Plaza Hotel. Also, one can have a few cocktails in the Plaza surrounded by portraits of Eloise!

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