What to Wear on a Tour: Winter Advice from Guides

After giving some general advice earlier this week on what to wear when taking a winter walking tour, I reached out to the tour guides for some specific tips on what gets them through those colder days in New York City. They, after all, are the ones trudging around in the snow and slush every day. With planning and proper layering, though, they all insist it’s easily manageable! Let’s take a look at their wisdom:

I like to stop by David’s Tea and drink hot Oolong tea to warm my insides.
Original Greenwich Village Tour Guide

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When it comes to boots: when there is snow or rain or slush, they should be rain boots because you don’t want to ruin your leather boots. I have Hunter Boots and love trudging through puddles because I know no matter what my feet won’t get wet. I also suggest the Welly socks that come with them.
Original Greenwich Village Tour Guide

Barri in action. Photo by Mariko Ono Bender.

Keeping warm during the cold time of year?
I use a little method called denial!
Gets me through.
Original Greenwich Village Tour Guide

I try to buy a colorful pair of gloves each winter to brighten up my mood on those gloomy days!!
Guide for Chelsea Market TourOriginal Greenwich Village Tour, and Central Village Tour

I knit very long scarves that can be wrapped several times and keep an extra in my backpack. I usually encounter an attendee who is not dressed warmly enough and, after 1 or 2 offers, will take it.
I also carry hand warmers. On really cold days, I pass them around the group, usually people “forget” to give them back.
I’ve heard the warmest thing you can do is use your dog’s hair and knit it into a sweater, but I am not going to do that. 🙂 Mr. Bones needs every hair he has.
Original Greenwich Village Tour Guide

Sephrah knitted me a great pair of fingerless gloves so I can be warm and still talk with my hands!
Guide and Director of Operations

A handful of guides also raved about UNIQLO’s heattech long underwear as a life saver. Apparently it’s thin and lightweight but super effective. Heather points out that they even come in funky patterns so you don’t have to compromise style to keep warm!

So there you go. Now you’ve got every reason to get out of the house or office one afternoon this winter and take a stroll around a neighborhood — familiar or unfamiliar — with us. Or if you’re doing exploring of your own and find something good, let us know about it!

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