What to Wear on a Tour

Let’s talk about the weather for a minute.

We’re a company that spends a lot of time outdoors. We’re not mountaineers or anything, but our guides and our customers spend a fair amount of time pounding the pavement in New York City at all times of the year and in all types of weather.

So we get this question all the time: What do I wear? And it’s a great question. If you’ve never taken one of our tours before, you don’t know how much time you’ll be spending in restaurants or on the street. Plus, if you’re an out-of-towner, you don’t know what different temperatures feel like in NYC. (Did you know that New York City has its own microclimate?)

The Basics
We get all four seasons in New York: winter, spring, summer, and fall.
– Be comfortable! No need to be fancy for us; wear shoes you can walk in for a couple hours.
Make sure to find out the windchill. If the air is 20° but the wind makes it feel like it’s below 0°, then you’ll need to make some adjustments!
The tours take place both inside and outside, but you should dress to be comfortable outside for at least half an hour at a time, if not more.
Our Chelsea Market tour takes place mostly inside, but all of our tours are a great deal of fun, even in inclement weather, as long as you’re prepared.

We run our tours rain or shine, so let’s get down to business!

What to Wear in 35 to 50° Weather (1.6 to 10° C)
On top: A short- or long-sleeved shirt with a sweater or extra layer is advisable.
On bottom: Any kind of pants, jeans, or leggings will do, keeping in mind that in the colder part of this range you will want heavier fabrics and thicker socks. Close-toed shoes, even boots, are a good idea.
Outerwear: You’ll want a medium-weight jacket or coat, and as the temperatures get down to the 30s you should consider adding a scarf, gloves, and/or a hat to your ensemble.

What to Wear in 20 to 35° Weather (-6.6 to 1.6° C)
On top: Wear a long-sleeved shirt and a medium- or heavy-weight sweater.
On bottom: Add a pair of long underwear under your heavy pants or jeans and wear a pair of boots with thick socks if possible, especially if they’re forecasting precipitation. Snow in New York is beautiful, but things get slushy and dirty pretty quickly.
Outerwear: A scarf is definitely necessary at these temperatures, and a hat is probably a great idea, as well. If you have a puffy coat, you’ll want to break it out for this tour. If not, add a fleece or sweatshirt under your jacket.

What to Wear in <20° Weather (less than -6.6° C)
On top: Layers. With a long underwear layer, a thermal, and a sweater, you’ll be golden.
On bottom: Stick with the long underwear here and the heavy pants. Again, heavy socks and boots will keep your toes warm in the periods of time where you’re not moving. If you’re really susceptible to cold and the windchill looks bad, grab those toe warmers that skiers use.
Outerwear: Wear a hat that covers your ears and a scarf that really does its job (leave your fancy decorative scarves at home), especially if it’s windy. A longer, puffy jacket is definitely preferable, and you’ll want a pair of gloves for the beautiful neighborhood strolls between tastings.

Of course if you have any more questions or concerns, you should contact our office, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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