As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not all fun and games over here at Foods of New York Tours. Not only do we spend some time cleaning up Greenwich Village every day, but we also have to eat all the food we talk about on the tours. It’s pretty grueling.

We’re always revamping our food and culture walking tours. Many of our customers like to visit us over and over again, and we like to keep things fresh with all the constant change happening in a city as intense New York.

Earlier this week, we did some research for a new for 2013 tasting we’re considering adding to the Chelsea Market & Meatpacking District tour.

“Research,” in this case, means “cookie eating.”

(Click the photo to enlarge.)

Amy’s Bread is a neighborhood favorite. Many great restaurants in NYC buy their fresh-baked bread from Amy’s every day. They have a location on Bleecker Street near Murray’s Cheese Shop, so we usually mention them on our Original Greenwich Village tour. But they also have a location in Chelsea Market, so we are trying to decide which of Amy’s sweets we might add to the tour there.

Owner and fearless leader Todd, our new tour guide Ted, and operations mastermind Amy all tried each of the treats and discussed their respective merits. The coconut dream bars were the winner, and while I’ve never had them personally, they definitely look like something I want to try. (It’s events like this that make me jealous I’m not in the office 100% of the time for incidental tasting.)

After eating pieces of five different dessert treats, Amy (operations mastermind, not to be confused with the name of the bakery) added an extra post-it reminder to one of the plates:
We’re still not sure if we can fit Amy’s Bread into a slightly updated tour, but now some more of the necessary research is behind us! Whew.